Digital vs Physical Planners

Ahhh, the age-old errrr decade-old question facing us all: whether to use a digital or physical planner? There are so many varied types of planners out there: for... }

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays always seem to sneak up on us.  One minute we’re having our Memorial Day BBQ and next thing you know we’re worrying about getting holiday gifts for all... }

Making Busy Lives Beautifully Efficient

“Beauty manifests a hope that life would be better if the object of beauty were part of it.” — Alexander Nehamas    What is “Beautifully Efficient”?   We all know... }

Best Friend Apartment Makeover

Hi, my name is Yuansi. Meet Jeanette Ita, my best friend from college. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, Jeanette now lives in Seattle as a behavior technician, helping kids... }

Take your Dorm Room from Drab to Fab

You’re all moved in.  Mom and dad have said their goodbyes and are on their way back home.  Now it’s just you and your roommate looking at 4... }

Summer Interns Shop our Site

Our summer interns Yuansi and Alyssa are both seniors from the University of Washington. Yuansi is majoring in Industrial Design and Alyssa is majoring in Visual Communication Design.  ... }

Picture This! Alternative Photo & Card Displays

Old-fashioned wood picture frames with precious photographs worked for Grandma, but they’re boring, bulky, and permanent. As instant-print cameras and old-school handwritten cards get more popular, display solutions are popping up... }

Organization tip #tidying

Stop sweating the small stuff Social media has been blowing up over Marie Kondo, beloved Netflix organization guru. Kondo’s KonMari method instructs people and families who struggle with... }