Take your Dorm Room from Drab to Fab

You’re all moved in. Mom and dad have said their goodbyes and are on their way back home. Now it’s just you and your roommate looking at 4 white walls and some sturdy but bland furniture. It’s time to get your dorm room ready to become your ultimate retreat! 

Chained·Up! is the perfect way to elevate your photo display beyond taped up pictures, plus the magnets let you switch out pictures easily without ruining your prints.

Personalize the room with some pictures. Get creative with a fun photo wall display. You’ll never get home sick if you have those funny photos of Aunt Betty at Thanksgiving, your family dog on Halloween dressed up as a burrito or you and your besties at homecoming.

Felt·Like·It! Baskets are an easy place to toss your extra blankets without cluttering your space. It even adds a little pop of color itself, shown here in cactus. 

Pick a couple of accent colors to help go from drab to fab. Nothing makes the dorm room dreary disappear faster than some color. Store a big warm colorful throw in a multipurpose felt basket to help keep you warm during those long fall days. Sure, it might be a bit frivolous but why not get that sequin mermaid pillow.

 Stacking Bins are a great place to toss pens, binder clips, and any other study supplies while adding a bit of color or pattern to your desk. The Magnetic Strip Bulletin Board helps keep your keys and clutter off your desk, and pinning up some personal photos remind you of fonder memories than studying.

Tackle your workspace and dress up your desk with a few desktop accessories in fun colors. If you're happy in your space you’ll want to be there more. Even if studying for that chem midterm will never be fun, at least you can make it a little less like being banished to one of the nine levels of hell and more like eating boring nachos.

At the end of the day, you want to be in a place where you can relax and be comfortable, and adding little touches here and there will make what started out as four white walls and some utilitarian furniture feel more like home.