magnetic bulletin boards

Post without puncture! Our magnetic bulletin board collection features strong magnets on metal boards which keep your precious items intact — no more ugly tack holes! Display and organize photos, important documents, memos, and notes in sleek and modern style. Elevate your home and office décor while keeping your environment clutter-free.

 Get started with our favorite magnetic bulletin boards:

  • magnetic strip bulletin board: The classic! Super strong rare earth neodymium mighties® magnets make display changes easy. Designed in 2001 — the world’s first of its kind! Check it out here.
  • wide magnetic strip bulletin board: Wider than our classic magnetic strip bulletin board, with an elegant matte finish and matching color metal magnets. Explore it here.
  • square dot bulletin board: Square metal magnet boards with rounded corners attract our strong mighties magnets to deliver exceptional functionality with cutting edge style. Discover it here.

If you're tired of scattered photos and misplaced reminders, and want to keep images and notes of inspiration visible and within reach, our magnetic bulletin boards are a game-changer.