planning tools

Planning made pretty! Take the tedium out of scheduling and list-making with our planning tools collection. A clear mind needs an organized life, and this starts by controlling your plans and tasks. Our planners are designed with the busy woman in mind – practical, chic, and efficient. From our glass dry erase boards, to our silicone weekly and monthly planners, to our set of six paper planner pads, you'll have everything you need to stay on top of your game.

 Our customers recommend these planners: 

  • up-date! silicone monthly planner: Non-scratching removable reusable rewritable silicone, perfect for fridge meal planning.
  • glassencorque desktop weekly planner: Elevate your desktop with this sleek glass dry erase weekly planner. Cork base holds glass in various positions and prevents surface scratching.
  • jOTBLOCK planner set: Schedule and organize your life, no batteries required! Set includes 6 pads — WEEK, SHOP, TASK, PLOT, DRAW and MONTH, and a pen and pencil.

Embrace the power of planning and experience the joy of a well-organized life with our planning tools collection. Start maximizing your productivity and making every moment count!