Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays always seem to sneak up on us.  One minute we’re having our Memorial Day BBQ and next thing you know we’re worrying about getting holiday gifts for all the hard-to-buy for folks in our lives.  Never fear, your friends at Three by Three are here to help you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list!

Do you have someone in your life who’s always doodling and drawing?  Why not encourage that creativity with one of our jOTBLOCK artist sets?

jotblock travel watercolor postcard set

jOTBLOCK Travel Postcard Sets

    jotblock watercolor set


jOTBLOCK Watercolor Set

    Jotblock sketch pad set     

jOTBLOCK Sketchpad Set


The way phones are these days, there are so many budding photographers out there.  Why not give that aspiring photog in your life a creative and fun way to display their works of art.

copper rose gold hitched photo clips in use
Hitched™ photo clips  



Chained up magnet display

chained•up!™ magnet display

polyhedra photo and card stands in use

polyHEDRA photo+card stands

Has someone you love decided to organize, tidy up and get rid of things that no longer bring them joy?  How about some of these fun essential products to help keep their lives tidy, organized and filled with joy?

              felt like it storage bins

felt•like•it!™ storage bins


felt like it basket

felt•like•it!™ baskets



stacking bin sets in use

stacking bin sets


  felt like it connectable bins in use

felt•like•it!™ connectable bins


We all know that person who has to write something down or else they forget it.  Why not help them keep on point with some of our planners and notepads.

jotblock combo planner in use

jOTBLOCK combo planner


update silicone weekly

up•date!™ silicone weekly planner

jotblock edgy magnet pads

jOTBLOCK edgy magnet pads


Teens and Tweens are notorious for being hard to please.  Fear no more, you’ll be the hit of the holidays with these products.

heywire magnetic photo display in use



chained up magnet display in use

chained•up!™ magnet display

polyresin gnome and toadstool magnets



large navy blue magnetic strip bulletin board in use

magnetic strip bulletin board


Does your BFF keep up on all the current trends in design and home décor?  Are they always one step ahead of the trend?  We can help you help them look like the next interior design superstar.

Violet NINYO set of 3


nested Tilt stone and carbon nesting bowls

TILT nested sets


polyhedra object clear blue pyramid in use

polyHEDRA objects


No matter what you end up getting that person who’s always a challenge to buy for, know that they will love it because it came from you.



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