Getting Crafty with Three by Three Seattle

We love bringing out our inner artist, but it can be difficult to find the time when half of it is spent cleaning up! We're sharing a few ideas to keep organized as you go so we can spend more time creating and less time tidying.


Our soft felt•like•it bins are perfect for separating projects. Sort materials and tools by type or project to clear up extra mess or confusion. When you're done working for the day, the bins can simply be tucked away and will be easy to return to.

For messier projects, try using stacking bins instead of felt bins. They're food safe and can be wiped clean. 


Good stationery will help plan and track any project. Our first picks are the Edgy Magnet Pads. The middle perforation on the blank/notes style is especially nice to separate supply lists from sketching. The dotted grid style is ideal for plotting geometric designs. For a different option, experiment with color on the chunky sketchpads, which hold included colored pencils! 

Explore more jOTBLOCK stationery options.


Cute supplies like marble objects and gold scissors are an easy and multifunctional way to elevate any workspace. The magnetic marble polyhedra objects attract pins, making them a great pin cushion alternative (and collection tool for any that went missing). 

And a big thank you to Denell for this great tip in their tiny mighties review:

When they say "great things come in small packages," they are talking about these awesome magnets!! They work for flaps on cards I make as well as other uses in my craft room. They hold my pin on my glue bottle perfectly!! Right size and amazing strength!! These are a must have not only in a craft room but to have in the house!!

Happy Crafting!