Picture This! Alternative Photo & Card Displays

Old-fashioned wood picture frames with precious photographs worked for Grandma, but they’re boring, bulky, and permanent. As instant-print cameras and old-school handwritten cards get more popular, display solutions are popping up that are as immediate, informal, and as easy to change as your profile pic.

Conventional frames can quickly overwhelm all your horizontal surfaces. Why not go vertical?

Chained Up!

Chained Up!, a 5 foot stretch of shiny ball chain with 8 matching mighties magnets hangs more than a dozen pics vertically or horizontally right on the wall. It’s easy to swap out pics when you and bestie snap a new batch of selfies

Personalizing your wall display is a perfect way to express yourself, and DIY gives you infinite options.


Heywire's fabric-covered wire can be manipulated into whatever shape, word, phrase or whatever you can think of. Hang it on a wall, attach some snapshots with mighties magnets to complete your story. 

If your style is more delicate and refined, consider a jewel-like, lighter touch for your wall display for a perfect match to your look. 


Shiny metallic Hitched clips attach photos to each other in a line, in groupings, or individually, adding sparkle to your vacay and special event pics.

Maybe your wall space is also limited — so little room, so much to display and organize! Look for a wall organizer that can do it all: display pics, hang scissors and tape rolls, tuck and organize papers and mail.

GROUPshot Wall

GROUPshot wall display+organizer starts as a modern piece of wall art, but turns out it offers multiple display and storage options in a super compressed space. 

Even if you’re still attached to propping pics on a tabletop, you don’t have to limit yourself to Grandma’s frames; find alternative displays for horizontal surfaces that are fresh and easily swappable.

GROUPshot Tabletop

GROUPshot for the table — the same black wires as the wall version let you layer your pics, a great way to maximize the number of photos you can display (and store) while also minimizing the amount of space they take up. 

Woodnetic photo frames have curve-appeal and the magnets let you do a quick swap whenever you want. 

Now onwards! Display all your happy memories and turn your house into a real life Instagram feed. 

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