Three by Three Expands Their Inner Circle With New Jumbo Hob•Knobs™

February 1, 2017

Three by Three Expands Their Inner Circle With New Jumbo Hob•Knobs™

Seattle, WA - February 1, 2017 - Following the success of their original hob•knob™ solid wood wall pegs, Three by Three Seattle has released new jumbo hob•knobs™. These sizeable stunners add a bold, sculptural element to any space, and they’re as functional as they are fun: their chunkiness is ideal for hanging hefty items like bags and other large accessories. The natural wood option complements any decor, while the painted color top version adds a bright statement.

“We loved the original hob•knobs and so did our customers,” says Mary Burnett, VP of Sales. “It just made so much sense to offer them in a different style. By making them larger, we’re really taking them from ‘wall peg’ to ‘wall sculpture’ and adding even more function.”

Jumbo hob•knobs are sold individually in two sizes: 2.5 x 2.5 inch and 3.5 x 2 inch. They are available in natural wood or painted navy, spring green, and red finishes.


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Since 1995, Three by Three Seattle products have made busy lives beautifully efficient. Whether outfitting a home, office, or dorm, each innovative organizing solution is worthy of display in any contemporary setting.

The company’s magnetic strip bulletin board design introduced the magnet board category as it’s known today. In recent years, they revamped the whiteboard industry with fresh, alternative dry-erase surfaces, including bamboo, glass, silicone, and stainless. Their current line consists of dry-erase boards, chalk boards, magnet boards, desk and wall organizers, hooks, and magnets. The design team also creates custom promotional products and has worked with a broad range of clients, including Nike, Starbucks, Herman Miller, Bravo Networks, Nine West, and W Hotels.


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