The Panel Has Spoken: Bamboo Dry•Erase Wins Big!

January 22, 2010

The Panel Has Spoken: Bamboo Dry•Erase Wins Big!

Seattle, WA – January 22, 2010 – Sometimes it's good to think big, which is exactly what Three by Three Seattle has done with its new bamboo dry•erase wall panels. Coming off the success of their entry butler and 4x11 inch magnet board, both of which are made with a patent-pending bamboo dry•erase surface, it was clear that a larger, wall-mounted piece would fill a much-needed niche in the marketplace.

“There's certainly no shortage of large dry-erase boards out there,” notes head designer Gwen Weinberg. “However, we could not find one that had any design elements worthy of display in an otherwise well-designed room. Our mission was to create a large, functional board which would really work as a piece of furniture, complementing its environment. Something that takes up this much room on a wall deserves to have aesthetic appeal!”

The wall panels come in two styles: the bare panel and the channel panel. The bare panels can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and the small panel has a hidden pocket above for papers and mail. The channel panels come with a variety of stainless steel accessories that slide in and out of the exclusive channel system tucked behind the front panel, allowing for easy reorganizing as the need occurs. A magnetic strip posts notes and photos, a bamboo pen cup sits in a stainless holder, a letter holder holds mail, and the hooks support scissors, keys, tools… The accessories can also be removed quickly when more writing space is needed.

Perhaps the biggest selling point continues to be the borderless patent-pending bamboo dry-erase surface, which gives the panels a distinct look that immediately set them apart. “People are absolutely in love with the bamboo dry-erase material and kept requesting something bigger than the 4x11 inch board,” explains Mary Burnett, vice president of sales. “Combining that beautiful surface with a large multi-functional wall organizer was a no-brainer.”


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Since 1995, Three by Three Seattle products have made busy lives beautifully efficient. Whether outfitting a home, office, or dorm, each innovative organizing solution is worthy of display in any contemporary setting.

The company’s magnetic strip bulletin board design introduced the magnet board category as it’s known today. In recent years, they revamped the whiteboard industry with fresh, alternative dry-erase surfaces, including bamboo, glass, silicone, and stainless. Their current line consists of dry-erase boards, chalk boards, magnet boards, desk and wall organizers, hooks, and magnets. The design team also creates custom promotional products and has worked with a broad range of clients, including Nike, Starbucks, Herman Miller, Bravo Networks, Nine West, and W Hotels.


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