Three By Three Seattle sticks it to ya

August 13, 2012

Three By Three Seattle sticks it to ya

Seattle, WA – August 13, 2012 – Like a gold medal gymnast, Three By Three Seattle’s silicone up•date! line (formerly called stick•it, name changed in 2015) has been sticking the landing time and time again onto home and office surfaces. There are 5 new additions to the team:

The up•date!™ to-do board features a lined dry-erase surface for notes and 2 hooks for keys and accessories; the up•date! monthly planner is a much-requested extension of the popular up•date! weekly planner; and the up•date! 3 packs, which include 1 dry•erase board and 2 separate hooks, come in 3 shapes: clouds, dogs, and flowers. Members of the up•date! line can land on any clean, dry, and smooth surface, including glass, mirrors, refrigerators, and smooth doors and walls (hooks work best on non-porous surfaces). With no adhesive or mounting hardware required, an up•date! will always have a soft landing and a graceful take-off.

“Silicone continues to impress us in much the same way as our magnets,” says designer Gwen Weinberg. “It combines adaptability and strength, providing a highly-functional and attractive alternative to traditional organizing solutions. We love the addition of hooks to the up•date! to-do board, so much that we’re offering them as independent elements in the up•date! 3 packs, giving customers functional and aesthetic flexibility in their space. And those hooks really are something else – it’s hard to believe something so seemingly delicate can hold more than 5 pounds!”

In other dry-erase news, the exceedingly popular sort it out! wall caddy family will now be available in red, white, and spring green, in addition to the classic bamboo and stainless styles. Combining the dazzling array of features – including a dry•erase surface, weekly planner, magnetic strip, paper and supply storage, and hooks – with these expanded style options is sure to make a splash this upcoming back-to-school and holiday season.

Finally, the stainless entry butler is upgrading to include a stainless dry•erase surface! It retains the features that made it such a great compact organization center – rear compartments, hooks, magnetic surface – and adds the dry•erase functionality at no additional cost. That’ll score some points with the judges!


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Since 1995, Three by Three Seattle products have made busy lives beautifully efficient. Whether outfitting a home, office, or dorm, each innovative organizing solution is worthy of display in any contemporary setting.

The company’s magnetic strip bulletin board design introduced the magnet board category as it’s known today. In recent years, they revamped the whiteboard industry with fresh, alternative dry-erase surfaces, including bamboo, glass, silicone, and stainless. Their current line consists of dry-erase boards, chalk boards, magnet boards, desk and wall organizers, hooks, and magnets. The design team also creates custom promotional products and has worked with a broad range of clients, including Nike, Starbucks, Herman Miller, Bravo Networks, Nine West, and W Hotels.


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