Need to jot a note but can’t find that pen? Our jOTBLOCK collection combines pads and supplies to solve this age-old problem. Styles range from planner pads with pens, to chunky sketchpads with color pencils, to portable art sets with art supplies; whether you're a meticulous planner or a creative soul, our jOTBLOCK line offers a variety of designs to suit your needs.

 Our customers love these jOTBLOCKS:

  • small chunky sketchpad: Super thick sketchpads with incorporated pencil holes invite full creative expression at the moment of inspiration.
  • watercolor pencil postcard set: Post your adventures old-school style while expressing your creativity with this make-your-own-postcard set.
  • portable game set: Instant fun wherever you are, no batteries required! Set includes 6 paper game pads with cards and dice in a felt carrying case.

 Spend more time planning and creating, and less time searching for that pen!

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