dorm solutions

Transform your dorm into a functional and inviting space! Our dorm collection merges organization and style to create the perfect space for your college life. Smart organizing solutions and space-saving storage essentials, from drawer organizers to dry erase magnet boards to portable laundry bins, offer everything you need to maximize your space and keep your scheduling tasks on track. Everything is designed with the fun, fresh look we know you love.

 Get started with these must-have dorm solutions:

  • felt-like-it! connectable bins: Thick 100% recycled felt bins connect and separate with built-in handles, perfect for sorting and toting laundry and storing linens.
  • reSTAK: Control your space and your carbon footprint with these 100% recycled stackable bin sets. Great for maximizing desktop space and organizing drawers.
  • chained-up! ball chain + magnet display: Flaunt your fave photos and cards with pride! Our strong mighties magnets hold tight to sparkling ball chain.

Dorm rooms can be small and challenging to navigate, but our dorm collection is here to help create a cozy and efficient sanctuary so you can focus on the things that matter most.

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