Organization tip #tidying

Stop sweating the small stuff

Social media has been blowing up over Marie Kondo, beloved Netflix organization guru. Kondo’s KonMari method instructs people and families who struggle with clutter to simply ask themselves “does this item spark joy?” when deciding which of their possessions to hold on to.

So... what comes next?

You’ve decided what you’re keeping and put it all into neat little piles, but it can’t - and won’t - stay that way. For many of us, storage is a major point of anxiety on our organization journey, and not having a way to store and organize our stuff can add to the stressful feeling of a messy living environment. One of our favorite product lines that does wonders to aid organization is our metal stacking bins.


These little bins come in multiple sizes, and can be stacked on top of each other to store lots of things in little space. Not to mention, we designed them to make busy lives beautifully efficient with their variety of colors and patterns.

Now you’ll stop magically losing all your pens!

The KonMari method helps us all decide what to keep. Three by Three Seattle can help you decide where to keep it.